National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Mission of the Higher School of Public Administration - To prepare high-level professional civil servants, from students recruited from among the country's best and brightest graduates and young civil servants, for elite performance in the ministries and agencies of Ukrainian government - nationally, locally and internationally.
  The Masters Programme in the HSPA


The Master of Public Administration (MPA) programme of the Higher School was developed by the National Academy and the Berlin School of Economics and Law, in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft f?r Internationale Zusammenarbeit. The MPA programme includes English-language instruction for a large number of disciplines.

The goal of the MPA programme is to prepare specialists for elite-level work in public policy and administration in Ukraine, including the delivery of public services at European standards and according to the norms of democratic governance.

The programme consists of three specializations: democratic governance; European cooperation; and regional development.

Graduates of the MPA programme must have the following competences:

Functional: mastery of the policy and administrative instruments of democratic governance in relation to: state and regional governance; European cooperation; social development; economic regulation; public finance; communication; Ukrainian constitutionalism; e-government; territorial management; European governance; technology management; and human resource management.

Intellectual: advanced analytical-prognostic capabilities, and also proficiency in the weighing of options for effective decision-making.

Social: capacity to work collegially and in teams, under high pressure.

Teaching methods: Teaching in the Higher School is oriented toward praxis, with particular emphasis on the following:

The following normative disciplines are offered in the MPA programme:

"Introduction to Public Administration"
"Social Policy"
"Political Institutions and Processes"
"Communications for Public Administration"
"The History of European Integration: stages, results, achievements. Political Challenges of European Integration."
"Law, Constitution and Governance"
"State regulation of the economy and economic policy"
"EU institutional framework"
"Introduction to the European Law"
"Public management and decentralization in the European Union"
"Territorial administration in Ukraine under reforms"
"Planning of territorial development" etc.

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